How to choose the right pet door for your bifold or glass sliding door

We all want to provide convenience and freedom for our cats and dogs, and one of the best ways to do this is installing a pet door for them. However, when you invest substantial sums of money on a set of bifold or sliding glass doors, the last thing you want to do is to install a prominent pet door within the glass panels.


That’s where our range of clear frame pet doors really benefits you. They are the UK’s only clear framed cat and dog doors, and provide an unobtrusive, minimal, all-glass look that is much less imposing than traditional doors.


Not only are they clear and provide a seamless finish, but they are also extremely durable and hard-wearing, ensuring they will stand the test of time. Each and every door is manufactured from 100% high quality, high impact (PC) Polycarbonate.


High quality pet doors for glass doors


The two most suitable pet doors for glass are the G-SDDC/W with a flap size of 195mm x 185mm for small dogs, for example a Yorkshire Terrier, Shih Tzu or Chihuahua, and large cats such as the Maine Coon, Savannah and Ragdoll. The G-DDC/W with a flap size of 300mm x 270mm is suitable for medium size dogs, for example the Labrador Retriever, English Bulldog or Boxer.


Both pet doors are available in white or clear framed options (depicted by ‘C’ or ‘W’ at the end of the product code) Both are easy to fit (by a professional glazier); feature a four-way locking system; have a smooth quiet action; and larger flap openings meaning they are more comfortable for your pets.

Glass sliding doors

How do I install one of the pet doors?


This is a common question we get asked. If you already have a set of bifold doors or glass sliding doors installed, the best thing for you to do is to speak to your local glazier. They will be able to discuss the best options for you, install a new pet door into a new glass panel, then fit that into your door frame.


Unfortunately, you are not able to fit the pet door yourself as you can’t cut into the glass panels. Due to the double glazing structure you will break the internal glazing seal.

If you’re having a new bifold door or patio door installed, again the best thing to do is to speak to the glazing company who is installing the door and pre-order your pet door with them.

They then can fit the pet door into the glass panels during production.


Is there anything else I need to consider when choosing the right pet door?


There are three main factors you should consider when choosing your pet door:


      1. Make sure you measure your pet to ensure the door you’re ordering is the correct size. Our pet door product pages all have recommended cat and dog breeds that are suitable, but it is always recommended to measure your pet to double check.
      2. For patio/sliding doors, it is important to consider the clearance or the distance between the doors when they are open. Each pet door will protrude on the inside and outside, so it is recommended you measure these spaces to make sure the pet door you’re ordering fits.
        1. G-DDC/W protrudes 15mm on the inside and 24mm on the outside of the door.
        2. G-SDDC/W protrudes 17mm on the inside and 11mm on the outside of the door.
      3. Make sure your chosen pet door fits your glass thickness. Typically, a double glazed window or door unit in the UK will consist of two 4mm pieces of glass with a 20mm gap, creating a 28mm thick unit. Single glass ranges from 3mm to 19mm depending on application.
        1. G-DDC fits glass between 3mm and 32mm thick
      4. G-SDDC fits glass between 3mm and 28mm thick


To view our full range of pet doors for glass doors, please click here. Hopefully the above guide has helped you choose the right door for you, but if you need any further assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team either by email [email protected] or telephone on 01565 325 001.

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