How to choose the right pet door for your bifold or glass sliding door


We all want to provide convenience and freedom for our cats and dogs, and one of the best ways to do this is installing a pet door for them. However, when you invest substantial sums of money on a set of bifold or sliding glass doors, the last thing you want to do is to install a prominent pet door within the glass panels.


That’s where our range of clear frame pet doors really benefits you. They are the UK’s only clear framed cat and dog doors, and provide an unobtrusive, minimal, all-glass look that is much less imposing than traditional doors.

Pet-Tek Clear Pet Door for Glass Getting Noticed for All the Right Reasons


Pet-Tek’s clear frame pet doors for glass applications are getting noticed for all the right reasons. The unobtrusive pet door is proving to be very popular with home owners looking for a robust pet door for glass that doesn’t look ugly in social areas of the home, for example the living room or conservatory.


More recently sales and the use of Pet-Tek’s clear framed pet door has increased in areas of the home normally associated with relaxing and entertaining family and friends. The increase in use in these areas coincides with the home owners demand for large vistas using minimal framed sliding or bifold doors and the ever-increasing popularity of conservatories and orangeries.

Discreet ‘minimal look’ pet doors that don’t ruin your home design


Interior design and trends change over time, but the desire to create a comfortable, relaxing and lovely design for your home is always there. Whether you choose a traditional design or something more contemporary, components of the design such as furniture, lighting and flooring need to complement each other. Having settled upon your design, you don’t want it compromised by an unsightly pet door.


Pet-Tek manufacturers of high quality pet doors offer discreet pet doors to suit the needs of the modern home owner, specifically pet doors for glass applications. The simple understated design combined with the robust high impact polycarbonate framework make the Pet-Tek glass fitting pet doors ideal for today’s home owning pet lover.

Bringing the outside in, with high quality pet doors


The popularity of large expansive sliding and bi-fold doors has increased drastically in recent years, as homeowners embrace open-plan living with a seamless transition from indoors to outside. However, until recently the choice of pet doors available to match such premium glass doors for homeowners with cats and small dogs, was minimal.


Pet-Tek UK is pleased to introduce our range of high quality pet doors which have been developed for glass doors. The sleek, minimal frames on the pet doors mean they are significantly less imposing on glass doors than traditional alternatives. Not only that, they are extremely durable and eliminate common problems such as broken flaps and locking dials.

Pet-Tek saving UK Glaziers time and money with easy-to-fit high quality Pet Doors


Installers and glaziers throughout the UK are really appreciating Pet-Tek’s range of high quality pet doors. The Catwalk and Dogwalk glass fitting pet doors are quick and easy to install, as they can be fitted to round glass cut-outs rather than more complicated and time consuming square cut-out methods. This means installers and glaziers complete the installation quicker and easier, saving them time and money.


The G-SDD glass fitted cat door for large cats and small dogs, and the G-DD glass fitted dog door for small to medium dogs are very popular products from the glass fitted range. The new G-DD glass fitting Dogwalk dog door is the first door of its type, it suits glass panels from 3mm-32mm making it suitable for single and double glazing. It has the added feature of the flap being able to swing much higher, which takes the stress away from the hinge and the flap. The Pet-Tek G-SDD glass fitting Catwalk cat doors have been designed to suit single glazing, double glazing and sliding patio windows.