G-DDW Glass Fitting Dog Door – White

Code: G-DDW


The Dogwalk® Glass Fitting Dog Door is manufactured from 100% high quality, high impact (PC) Polycarbonate. It is designed to fit single, double glazing and sliding windows and doors. To reduce the problem of broken flaps, associated with some other brands of dog doors, it has the added feature of the flap being able to swing higher.


This reduces the stress on both the flap and hinge. The generous flap size of (300mm (H) x 270mm (W) makes it suitible for medium to semi-large dogs. The dog door has 4 way locking and additional security clips for added security, the weather seal will reduce draughts and enable a smooth, quiet action.


  • Flap size: 300mm x 270mm
  • Overall size: 430mm x 451mm
  • Application: Glass fitting (3mm – 32mm)
  • Pet size: Medium to semi-large dogs
  • Cut out size: 385mm diameter


Manufactured entirely from high impact virtually indestructible (PC) Polycarbonate


Please note: the pet door cannot be installed into an existing tempered glass or double glazed window. The glass panel would need to be replaced with the hole already cut at time of manufacture for the pet door to be installed.


Please note the sizes below are recommendations only, and we always recommend to measure your pet first and contact us if you are unsure.


Medium dogs: Labrador Retriever, English Bulldog, Boxer, Border Collie, Shetland Sheepdog, Basset Hound, English Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel

Features and Benefits
  • Glass fitting, suitable for single glazing and double glazing and most sliding windows
  • Generous flap size
  • Supplied with weather seal to reduce draughts and enable a smooth, quiet action
  • Self lining
  • U.V. stabilised
  • Manufactured from a virtually indistructable (PC) polycarbonate
  • No external screws
  • Developed for medium to semi-large dogs such as Beagles, Border Collies, Spaniels and Blue Heelers
  • Self closing flap with magnetic location
  • 4 way locking

All glass fitting pet doors, should be installed by a professional glazier

All Catwalk® and Dogwalk® products come with a 3 year Manufacturers warranty

Recyclable – Respect the planet – 95% of the components are recyclable

Installation Instructions

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