W-CDB Wood Fitting Low Profile Cat Flap – Brown

Code: W-CDB


This attractive Catwalk® Wood Fitting Cat Door is designed to fit all thin panels of wood, metal, composite and PVC construction. Due to its low profile tunnel it will fit all panels from (11mm -30mm).


The pet door is simple to install and has a weather seal flap to reduce draughts. All fixing screws are stainless steel, avoiding potential rust stains on door panels. The flap size is generous, 170mm (H) x 155mm (W) and suits all cat breeds. A template is supplied for marking and cutting of the door panel complete, with instructions and a 3 year manufacturers warranty.


The door flap is manufactured from UV stabilised high impact (PC) Polycarbonate to endure the rigours of animal use. A four way manual locking system is provided to allow the owner flexibility with the pet’s movements. In only position, will allow your cat entry but prevent the cat from leaving. Out only position, will allow your pet to leave the house but prevent the cat from re-entry. The locked position will prevent the pet from both entry and exit. The In and Out position will allow both entry and exit.


  • Flap size: 170mm x 155mm
  • Overall size: 250mm x 200mm
  • Application: Wood fitting from (11mm – 30mm)
  • Pet size: Medium cat
  • Colours available:  White and brown
  • Template: Supplied for the cut-out


Manufactured from ABS and virtually indestructible (PC) Polycarbonate


Please note the sizes below are recommendations only, and we always recommend to measure your pet first and contact us if you are unsure.


Small / medium cats: Minskin, Singapura, Munchkin, Cornish Rex, Bambino, Abyssinian, American Curl, LaPerm, Burmese

Features and Benefits
  • Generous flap size 170mm (H) x 155mm (W)
  • Virtually unbreakable flap manufatured from, high impact (PC) Polycarbonate
  • UV stabilized
  • All stainless steel screws to prevent rusting
  • No maintenance required
  • Self lining door
  • Brush weather seal to reduce draughts
  • Fits Wooden, PVC and metal panels (11mm – 30mm)
  • Four way locking system
  • Suits all breeds of cats
  • Self closing flap with magnetic location
  • Simple to install, suitable for the average home handyman


All Catwalk® and Dogwalk® products come with a 3 year Manufacturers warranty

Recyclable – Respect the planet – 95% of the components are recyclable

Installation Instructions

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